Are You Happy With Your Vacuum?
Are You HappyWith Your Vacuum?

Preferred Brands

Because we are an independent dealer you get to choose from carefully selected makes and models that will help make your vacuuming experience a pleasurable one.

How Do We Choose?


Our trained technicians have the opportunity to inspect any vacuum inside and out both when it's brand new and more importantly after the vacuum has had some real life usage.

By tracking how often a vacuum needs repair and what parts need repairing we can determine what lifestyle a vacuum is best suited for or perhaps determine that it is really best suited to be recycled into something else.

Central Vacuum


Vacuuming your home may not be your idea of a fun activity. However, there is a tool available to make the job easier - a central vacuum system. Rather than carrying the vacuum around with you, a central vacuum allows you to clean with greater ease. A central vacuum system offers more power and longevity than a traditional vacuum. We carry a full line-up of built-ins for your home and budget.

Canister Vacuums


Our selection of canister vacuums includes names like Sebo, Electrolux, Simplicity, Samsung, Johnny-Vac, and Eureka. Come in and see that we have the right canister for you!

More Coming Soon . . . .

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