Are You Happy With Your Vacuum?
Are You HappyWith Your Vacuum?

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From complete troubleshooting to machine replacement, we will be happy to meet your needs. Here are some of the various services we offer:


[1]  Troubleshooting:

Is your vacuum not picking up the dirt like it is supposed to? Does your vacuum not turn on anymore? Any funny noises or funny smells when it's running? Save money and hassle by giving us a call. Most problems can be at least partially diagnosed over the phone. Our experts can walk you through some basic steps to determine where the actual problem may be. If you bring your unit, hose, or powerhead into our store we will test them and give you an estimate for free. In order to save you money and the environment we do our best to repair your current equipment instead of automatically recommending replacement. We will also make service calls to your business or residence to further diagnose and remedy any problems you may have.


Have your old vacuum unit replaced with a new one - in the same location, or in a new one. Our service professional can then remove the old unit at no additional cost.


Why bother searching for a dustpan when you can use a Vacpan? One of our most popular items, a Vacpan can be installed in any area of your home that requires sweeping. Simply sweep the dirt up to the vacpan, turn it on, and use the convenience of your central vacuum system to suck up the dirt. A must-have in kitchens, the Vacpan can also be installed in your entrance way, bathroom, or anywhere that is convenient. Why not consider adding a Vacpan to your current vacuum system?


Over time the inlet valves (where the hose connects into the wall) in your home or business wear out or become outdated. Have them replaced from a wide selection of new ones from our store. They're available in a variety of colours and finishes.

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